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So it’s come to this:

  • You go to a giant multinational superstore.
  • You call your sister to ask what she wants for Christmas.
  • She tells you what to buy her family, with all items coming from huge multinational suppliers.
  • You buy those multinational items from a catalogue.
  • Those items are delivered unwrapped to your sister by the multinational corporation ahead of time.

Christmas. Tesco style.

For years advertising has been gently pissing on the spirit of Christmas but with this advert they’ve finally slipped into rampant corporate wish fulfillment; no personality, no individualism, no charm, no special consideration – just the purchasing and exchanging on items at a specific time of the year.

If an advert could have eyes this Tesco commercial would be dead behind them.


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If getting Freeview means I let any more of Piers Morgan, Amanda Holden, Jordan, Kirsty and Phil or Heston Blumenthal into my home then I’ll stick with analogue, thankyouverymuch. Add Vernon Kay and Anton Du Beke to that roster and I’ll gladly blow up the transmitter and a take a shotgun to my own face.

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